V Press Fittings | Installation Guide

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Learn the correct way to install a V-press fitting with this step-by-step guide. We walk you through the process from cutting the tube to completing the joint with the compression tool.

From preparation to final recommendations and materials checklist, here are the steps to make sure your water or heating system is safe and lasts in time.



Ensure the correct size of the tube and fitting match and are the correct size for the water or heating system.
Ensure that both tube and fitting are clean, in good condition and free from damage and imperfections.


  1. Copper pipe
  2. Press fittings
  3. Press Tool – “V” profile jaws
  4. Press gun
  5. Deburrer or steel whool
  6. Pipe cutter


1. Cut the pipe to size using a rotary tube cutter.

2. It is important to ensure that the pipe ends are clean and cut square.

3. Clean the outside of the pipe. Deburr both internal and external pipe ends then wipe clean of all swarf and debris to avoid damage to the ‘O’ ring upon tube insertion.

4. The tube must be fully inserted to the fitting until it meets the tube stop. Before inserting the pipe, check the O-ring is present, lubricated, and free from damage.


Jointing the pipe and fitting

1. Keep all fittings in their bag prior to installation to ensure the lubrication does not dry out.

2. Assemble the joint, ensuring the tube is inserted into the fitting until it meets the tube stop, using the insertion depth mark as a visual aid. Only when the tube reaches the tube stop should the pressing operation be undertaken.

3. Ensure you select the correct size jaw and that the jaw is V profile

4. A 90° angle between the tube and jaws must be maintained when pressing all joints. Press the trigger or button to start the jointing cycle. When the jaws fully enclose the mouth of the fitting, the joint is complete.

5. After the press cycle is complete remove the jaws and check that the socket depth marking on the pipe has remained in place, adjacent to the now pressed mouth of the fitting.


Other recommendations

  1. Ensure you will use quality tools
  2. Use our V-press copper fittings for reliable systems
  3. We recommend wearing eye protection when operating all press-fit tools.

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